Friday, June 3, 2016

Which are Worse - Roof Leaks or Dog Leaks?

What do you do when your roof leaks all over your carpet? Do you call your Brevard County 
Cleaning and Water Restoration company, or do you simply suck up as much water as you 
can, (to save money),) with your shop-vac, and hope for the best? What do you do when 
your male dog likes to mark his territory on that same carpet? Do you call your Brevard 
County Pet Clean-up professional to get rid of the bodily fluids from your carpeting or try 
to spot clean with some soap and water?

A Cocoa FL resident's roof leaked during a torrential downpour. The light beige carpeting 
was soaked with dirty water and drywall. The homeowner went to his local home 
improvement supply store and purchased material to fix the roof and a shop-vac to suck up 
the dirty water. Then he left it to dry. The homeowner from Cocoa, FL tried to fix the mess 
himself, because he did not want his insurance to go up, since he had already had a 
previous claim.

Meanwhile the resident Maltese continued to whittle a little here and a little there. Since the 
carpet was already soiled it was hard to tell where the urine stains were, so they neglected 
to clean them up. Finally the smell became too strong and the exasperated family looked in 
the local advertising magazine to find a carpet cleaner in Cocoa, FL. Brevard Kwik Dry's 
advertisement in the Saving Safari caught his attention and he picked up the phone.

When Dalton arrived on the scene from Brevard Kwik Dry the smell was unbearable. The 
strong urine odor mixed with an underlying odor of mildew filled his nostrils causing Dalton 
to gag. Leaving the door open to let some fresh air in allowed the little Maltese named 
"Rocky" to escape, and running outside he lifted his leg to mark his territory on Brevard 
Kwik Dry's vehicle. "Rocky" sure had a problem wanting to be the dominant male. But the 
dirty carpets were not a problem for Brevard Kwik Dry.

Brevard Kwik Dry's all natural citrus cleaning process can remove any stain, but cannot 
put color back into the carpet or fabric if it has been previously bleached or dyed. The Cocoa, 
FL resident made the following mistakes which we can learn from:

1. Never clean up a flood without proper expertise and equipment.
2. If there is a lot of water it will get into the under-pad and the under-pad must be removed 
or mildew will begin to grow.
3. The dirty water must be extracted and then a disinfectant sprayed on the subfloor and the
 underside of the carpet.
4. Dehumidifiers and blowers must be used to successfully and quickly dry up the water.
5. When everything is dry, the new under-pad must be installed and the carpet re-installed.
6. Finally the carpet must be cleaned and disinfected again.

Oh! I forgot to mention - the Cocoa, FL man's wife had tried to clean the carpet with a 
shampooer that you rent from the grocery store, and she had put bleach in the water to get 
rid of the smell of mildew and urine. She must have put a different amount of bleach in every 
time she changed the water, because there were various blotches of bleached marks 
on the carpet - some lighter than others. What a mess!

7. Never use bleach in the water when cleaning your own carpets - better yet - let  
Kwik Dry professionally clean your carpets for you.

Well, Dalton did a wonderful job, as usual, for Brevard Kwik Dry, and the carpet looked 
beautiful and smelled even better. The Cocoa, FL customer was elated with the job and 
promised to call Brevard Kwik Dry every time that any cleaning was needed.
Now, the only problem is "Rocky"....

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