Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What on Earth is Going On? Take Action or be Taken Over

Do you believe the news lately? What is happening to America?!! It seems like the world is in chaos with fighting, bombings, wars, murders, terrorist attacks, and crime in general is on the rise. I write a carpet cleaning blog, but I think I need to address the world's craziness at this time. Now, we have a choice - to fight, to ignore, or to hide. What is America going to do?

Pulse Night Club, Orlando Mass Murder
I live near Orlando, Fl and many innocent lives were viciously taken at the Pulse Club by a terrorist that no one is brave enough to state as being Muslim, or that this was a hate crime, morally, religiously and ethnically.   Ask any Muslim what their bible (Quran) says - they hate infidels, which include Christians as well as homosexuals. What is with all of this politicking?  The media refuses to report the truth - they are more worried about if an exit was blocked or not.

The Assistant Police Chief stated that, "This was the most brutal attack that he had experienced in his whole career as a policeman", and "That it was too political." This whole world has taken up being politically correct, and ignoring the signs, while our enemies are steadily advancing with tyranny in mind.

Take carpet cleaning, for example what if we simply ignored the stains and dirt, or what if we just hid them under furniture or area rugs? Would the threat go away or take over?  Of course there are many things to consider before taking action.

1. Do You Care?
If your neighbor's carpets were dirty would you care? Would you help them to get them cleaned, if you could, or would you simply ignore the mess? What if you had the answer to all of their cleaning needs? Would you tell them or simply leave it up to another person or company?

2. Are You Apathetic or Afraid?
It is not your carpet that needs cleaning - so why bother with it.
Are you afraid to offend them and so do not say anything?

3. Do You Not Have the Resources to Help?
You do not know how to clean carpets or have cleaning solutions. You do not have information on what you are up against.

What Can be Done?
1. Learn what you do not know - get educated on the topic.
2. Offer help of any kind.
3. Defend yourself properly with the right solutions and equipment.
4. Learn what works against the problem, and practice safe procedures.
 5. Pray, But Also Take Action - the stains will not just disappear, but will take over.

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