Friday, August 12, 2016

Melbourne, Fl Carpet Cleaners Unveil New Masterpiece

A local Melbourne, FL artist called me last week to book a carpet cleaning job from Brevard Kwik Dry.  She called back to rebook, stating that she was not yet ready for Cocoa, Florida’s best alternative for carpet cleaning to clean her carpets.  I rebooked her for the following week, thinking she would call and cancel again.

My experience in talking to customers and booking jobs for Brevard Kwik Dry is that those who cancel jobs usually do not call back to rebook.

Five Reasons Why Carpet Cleaning Customers Cancel Are:

1. They have found what they think is a cheaper price and have booked with that company instead.
2. They have spent the money that they were going to use for the cleaning service.
3. Their plans have changed and they will not be home at the scheduled time.
4. They have read a negative review on the internet about that company and believe it.
5. They forget about the scheduled job and cancel when the cleaning company calls to confirm.

For Every Action There is a Reaction

No matter how valid the excuse, the cleaning company deals with the following problems:
1. They have just lost money that they counted on for their business.
2. The cleaning technician loses money as well. 
3. Now there is an open slot in the schedule that has to be filled.
4. If the cleaning technician shows up, and the customer cancels right then, the company has wasted time and gas money.
5. This disappoints the carpet cleaning company and they lose a little more trust in people.

All in all, canceling your scheduled job - especially at the last minute - has negative effects on the company concerned, so make sure that you either let the cleaning company know, as soon as possible of the change, or simply keep your word.

Fortunately, and to my pleasant surprise, the Melbourne Water Color Artist kept her second appointment, and Dalton from Brevard Kwik Dry showed up to clean her carpets.  She was also pleasantly surprised at how good-looking he was. (She told me later on the phone when she called to sing her praises of Brevard Kwik Dry’s best cleaner.)

Here are the before and after pictures of this nice customer’s Berber carpet:

Berber Carpet is made of Olefin or Nylon, a polyethylene or polypropylene - in layman’s terms - plastic. Believe it or not, Berber carpeting is a petroleum based plastic, like polyester. Therefore it is water resistant and stain resistant. Berber carpet has one great nemesis – oil. Since it is made from oil, of course, it attracts oils and soil.  Did you ever notice that dirt sticks to your skin? You have to use soap to remove all of it from your hands, correct? That is because we are made from dirt, so dirt is attracted to our skin and blends naturally with it. It is the same thing for Berber carpeting, but with oil.  This is bad for the carpet, but good for Melbourne Carpet Cleaners, especially Brevard Kwik Dry.

Berber is easy to clean for this Brevard County Carpet Cleaning Company, since we use a low-moisture, oxygenated, citrus cleaner that is naturally a degreaser, so oil – no problem.  Also, the low moisture factor inhibits any mold growth.  

The Melbourne Artist’s carpet became beautifully clean and she was ecstatic.  She said, “My experience with Brevard Kwik Dry and Dalton was overwhelmingly wonderful. I did not expect a great improvement on my carpets, but they came out amazing! Dalton was truly a pleasure to work with. Can I keep him? He was a real gentleman and the hardest worker that I have ever seen. My carpets are truly a masterpiece!”


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