Monday, May 23, 2016

How Clean is Clean? How Green is Green?

Wow! This room looks super clean doesn't it? The colors are crisp, the floor is reflective and shiny, the white carpet has no sign of stains, and there is no clutter or debris anywhere to be seen. But what can we not see that is hidden? The naked eye cannot easily see dust spores, dander, dust mites, bed bug eggs, pollen grains, bacteria, or mold spores - that are growing and forming rapidly - until there is a large quantity of them.
Carpet-Cleaning-by-Kwik-Dry-Total-Cleaning can Annihilate this Mold-Spore-with-All-Natural-Products
 This is a mold spore that loves a little bit of food, warmth and moisture.  He is cute and pretty, but just like "the girl next door", is dangerous to your heart and health.  Almost anyone is allergic to mold, especially black mold, except (for some God-given-reason) my 90 year old Nana - Grace.

I went to visit her when she was 90 years old. She lives in Ontario, Canada, not too far from one of our Canadian franchises Ottawa Kwik Dry Total Cleaning. She lives right beside an algae-filled pond, surrounded by beautiful trees and landscape. (See below - that is actually my Gramp's pond and the beautiful colors are not photo-shopped, that pic was taken on my I-phone in October of 2014.)
So there is plenty of food, moisture and warm sunlight to make optimum conditions for black mold growth. 

In my Nana Forster's (Grace - rightly named) basement (on the walls) and bathroom (under her bath mat in the tub)  was the scariest thing I had ever seen! Black mold everywhere!! No wonder my throat was getting sore and my nose running like a tap. When I lifted the mat off of the tub bottom I gagged. I grabbed the bottle of bleach, that I had found in her laundry room, and poured it straight on the mildew and mold. No watering it down for environmentally friendly reasons - there was no time. I was going to die right there from chemical waste exposure! How does my 90-year-old Nana not keel over from all this mold? She wasn't even the least bit sick from it. (I, of course, developed bronchitis from it all, and had to get a Z-pak to recover.) Nana (Grace) Forster - proof that God gives us grace - lived to be days short of 102 years old. Incredible!!
Kwik-Dry-Total-Cleaning-International to the Rescue!

 All-Natural-Green-Co. Kwik Dry Total Cleaning-Destroys-Black-Mold like this without using harsh chemicals in their Carpet, Upholstery, Mattress, Tile and Wood Flooring processes. Does the cleaning company that you employ use "Green" methods in their processes? Do they have the environment in mind or just making money?

Anyways, we won't count me using the bleach as a weapon against the black mold. That was dire circumstances, and I did not have any of our "Magic Potion" Kwik Dry's All-Natural Citrus Cleaner with me at the time.  Our company truly tries to help our earth to be cleaner and healthier. We have researched high and low searching for the right formula that will clean and kill bad bacteria without killing humans and animals in the process. Our products are citrus based made from oranges, grapefruits and lemon peels, ergo the lovely fresh scent left behind after a Kwik Dry cleaning.

 Now these ugly monsters also need to be eradicated, just like the mold and mildew. There are dust mites and dust mite remains, feces, body parts etc, in the dust in the air, in our carpets, in our mattresses and even on our eyelashes, that must be gotten rid of or we face getting asthma, upper respiratory infections, allergies and even brain dysfunctions.

Mattresses are perfect food for mold and mildew to feed on. Room temperature is perfect for mold and mildew to grow. All it needs now is moisture. That is why steam cleaners cannot clean a mattress without starting the mold growing process. Kwik Dry Total Cleaning's process for cleaning mattresses, carpets, area rugs and upholstery uses very little water, therefore is perfect for cleaning your mattress.
 Bed bugs were nearly destroyed completely by DDT's (chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons that do not break down but persist in the environment and become concentrated in animals) in the 1950's - 70's, but with the outlawing of DDT's they have regained their strength and are becoming an epidemic. Heat is now the only way to kill the eggs and this process is very expensive. The adults and nymphs can be killed with steam or insecticides, but the eggs are not harmed. The only way of  heading off bed bugs is by a thorough vacuuming and professionally cleaning of your mattress on a regular basis.

Pollen grains are also floating around in our air, landing on our carpets, bedding, upholstery etc., causing homeowners and residents to inhale and of course - Achoo! - sneeze. When you look at a pollen grain up close and personal, you can see why it would irritate our mucus membranes and cause itchiness.  Pollen season is crazy at our house - all those itchy, watery eyes, runny noses and using tissues by the pound.  How do we get rid of it?  Call Kwik Dry Total Cleaning.
Bacteria is found under the same circumstances as mold and mildew - dirt/food, moisture, and optimum temperatures. They also like darkness. Your air duct system is perfect for bacteria to grow in, as well as in your carpet, upholstery, and mattresses. Some Kwik Dry Total Cleaning Franchises do not offer air duct cleaning services, but the ones that do use the Rotovac System for cleaning which is a source removal system that uses hospital grade disinfectant to kill any bacteria that may be in your H.V.A.C system.

So, what does this "Green" word mean? Be very careful of the "Green" word. Like "natural" "green" is a very vague term. In the cleaning industry it basically means that the products used can break down and nothing is left in the environment -"dust to dust", but it does not mean that one can ingest  or inhale the product without adverse effects.  Kwik Dry's All-Natural Citrus Cleaner should not be drank. Some crazy companies state that their cleaning products can be drank without harm, but they do not tell you that after ingesting the cleaning solution you will be hit with a bout of diarrhea, because your body is rejecting it. One may not die from it, but it is not healthy to consume.

Kwik Dry Total Cleaning has worked diligently to find cleaning solutions that are biodegradable, but actually remove stains. Cleaning companies that use bleach or acid should not be saying that they are a "Green" company.  So how does one know if the company that he/she employs to do your carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning,tile and grout cleaning, wood floor cleaning, or air duct cleaning is using truly "all-natural" or "green" products.  Ask them and weigh their response on the scales of reason. How clean is clean and how green is green?


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